Carrot & Pumpkin Grilled Naan (4 per pack)
Carrot & Pumpkin Grilled Naan (4 per pack)
Carrot & Pumpkin Grilled Naan (4 per pack)

Carrot & Pumpkin Grilled Naan (4 per pack)

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Daily Kneads™ Carrot & Pumpkin Grilled Naan is a delicious, all-natural round Grilled Naan that comes pre-sliced and baked with whole, non-GMO ingredients and no artificial colors. Every serving (1 Grilled Naan) contains at least 1/2 cup of vegetables, making it the perfect bread choice for any meal - including breakfast sandwiches, traditional deli or grilled sandwiches for lunch and toasted and sliced into wedges for dips, hummus, and cheeses.

Every serving (1 Grilled Naan) contains:

12  cup of Carrot

1⁄2  cup of Pumpkin




Contains wheat. Vegan and nut-free.

Why choose us?

Reason Number 1

The struggle is real. “Eat your vegetables” is a battle cry heard in most households and around most dinner tables. 

Growing up, good food and good bread was always a staple. Using less meat and fats and adding more vegetables and whole grains into our diets, bread was ever-present but not nutritious bread so Daily Kneads was started to address this shortfall.

Reason Number 2

In fact, Americans consume 62% of their recommended daily vegetables, and much less if you take away potatoes and corn. We do consume 110% of our daily recommended carbohydrates. Actually, Americans consume over 300 million sandwiches every day.

Veggies + Bread = Life Hack

Eating more vegetables is the best path to a better lifestyle for you and your family.  Daily Kneads Whole Grain Vegetable Bread gives you an easy, convenient, and delicious way to enjoy your daily veggies without peeling, chopping, dicing, steaming, roasting or grilling!  Our breads are delicious, artfully crafted and a nutritious foundation for any meal.  Chefs and Moms agree this is bread re-invented.