The Daily Kneads Breads Story

The struggle is real. “Eat your vegetables” is a battle cry heard in most households and around most dinner tables. My brother and I are no different. Between us we have five kids, aging parents and four cultures. We love to eat well and encourage our children to do the same. We don’t always succeed.

Growing up, good food and good bread was always a staple. As our parents and grandparents began aging they moved away from the heavy Eastern European foods to a more nutritious and balanced life style. Using less meat and fats and adding more vegetables and whole grains into our diets. Bread was ever-present. As parents, my brother and I are committed to sustain the ”better for you lifestyle” and pass it along to our children.

My family has many food restrictions. As a trained chef, a food tinkerer and a self-proclaimed foodie I always try to make life easier and tastier with these limitations. Like most families we value convenience and look for short cuts, and I realized we were becoming a statistic and eating more bread then vegetables.

In fact, Americans consume 62% of their recommended daily vegetables, and much less if you take away potatoes and corn. We do consume 110% of our daily recommended carbohydrates. Actually, Americans consume over 300 million sandwiches every day.

I decided to change course and come up with a Life-Hack to eating more vegetables. Driven by our family’s passion for bread and our desire to eat more vegetables, I brought the vegetable bread idea to my brother, who is also my business partner, and he was sold. He loved the idea, and after all, we are in the bakery business. But that wasn’t enough, we needed a proof of concept. We decided to keep it simple. We sampled our new concept to our families, our friends and our colleagues. As the results came in we knew we had a winner.

Our team set out on a two year journey to develop what is now Daily Kneads Whole Grain Vegetable Bread. There were three objectives 1. Create great tasting bread. 2. Make an All-Natural product, using whole ingredients, no artificial flavors and colors. 3.  Infuse a serving of vegetables in a serving of bread.

Today, Daily Kneads is selling sliced bread, flatbreads and will shortly launch an Oatmeal Vegetable cookie. Enjoy our products at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Daily Kneads Bread will satisfy the most daring and the pickiest eaters. Now, eating vegetables is fast, convenient and delicious.

Bread is the essence of life. Eating good bread daily satisfies. Eating Daily Kneads Bread gratifies. 

Michael Itskovich, Co-founder Daily Kneads Bread