Fresh Garden Party Sandwiches

Fresh Garden Party Sandwiches


Double your spread (and your host-of-the-year points) with variations on the Daily Kneads Spinach & Leek Classic Cucumber Sandwiches, with simple 5 ingredients or less recipes.


Daily Kneads Garden Party Sandwiches Recipes and Inspiration Ideas


Classic Cucumber Finger Sandwiches

Total: 15 min  |   Yields: 12 finger sandwiches



  • 8 slices Daily Kneads Spinach & Leek Vegetable Bread
  • 2 tablespoons butter, preferably softened
  • 1/2 sliced cucumber
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon chives or dill
  • 1 teaspoon yellow mustard
  • Salt + Pepper


Step 1:

Pair up your bread pieces, and lightly butter the interior side of your soon-to-be sandwich. Use your sliced cucumber to build a layer on 4 of the bread pieces.

Step 2:

Add mayonnaise, chives/dill, mustard and some salt and pepper to a small bowl and stir. Apply this spread on top of the cucumbers. 


Daily Kneads Sandwiches at a Garden Party Easy Recipes


Step 3:

Add your remaining slices of buttered bread to make 4 sandwiches. Here you can cut off the crusts and cut each sandwich into three fingers, if you want a more classic look, or simply cut as desired.

Craving a crunch?
Try cutting the bread first, and using a toaster oven to lightly toast prior to applying cucumbers and spread.


Variations on the Daily Kneads Spinach & Leek Classic Cucumber Sandwiches 

Mix it up!

Enjoy some variations on the classic sandwich, and add some color to your appetizer station with a wide variety of flavor favorites. Here are some of our suggestions:


Ham-mus Bites

  • Daily Kneads Roasted Tomato Bread
  • Fresh hummus (garlic or pine nut flavored are a hit with us!)
  • Thinly sliced honeyed ham
  • Cucumber, for a crunch


 Veggie Variety

  • Daily Kneads Sweet Beet Bread
  • Vegetable Cream Cheese
  • Thin pieces of Avocado
  • Shredded Cheese, a sharp cheddar or mozzarella go nicely
  • Arugula


Chief Beef

  • Daily Kneads Carrot & Pumpkin Bread
  • Corned beef, chopped to perfection
  • Light layer of mayo
  • Diced pickles
  • Fresh raw kale


Let us know your favorite!


Classic Cucumber Sandwiches with Daily Kneads Bread